Tuesday, July 25, 2006

art in prison

Some weeks ago i talked about the art exhibition i saw in the old prison of H.
I showed you some traces of sikh inmates and how much it moved me.
But i never said or showed anything about the art. Well there were some really strong statements!
The following statue was laying in the cell were very bad criminals were aired (it was a kind of cellar room with wire as a ceiling).
It made such a strong impression on me, not only because the statue was very good and perfect in size for this place (which was a coincidence), but the bareness of the cell and the helpness of the person touched me so much.
I heard so many real life stories of refugees and sometimes an artist just fills in what i seem to know .
Chilling, but beautiful.
(I feel ashamed that i do not know the artist,i only know that he or she graduated this year in the artschool in H.)

Akhin bajhon vekna bin kana sunana

To see without eyes,
Without ears, hear,
To walk without feet,
Without hands, work,
To speak, without a tongue
Thus living, yet detached from life.

O Nanak, if you follow the word of Your Master
You shall surely meet Him.

Guru Angad Dev


nature is fantastic!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Got an eye for detail. I see more of the details than of the whole, which is a problem (sometimes) in everyday life. If i meet someone i remember his/her smile, wrinkle, eyelashes, but sometime forget the face as a whole. Very embarrassing at some occasions!
Anyhow in nature i like to register these details as well. So i show a few of my captures.

And they are great backgrounds for poetry.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


This is my favourite ring; it is really me. Simple and with a lot of emotion.
It says, just like me,: "i want to embrace the full world! I love you all!"

And it was fun making it my willing model for my photography madness.
It is too hot to do anything else...

Friday, July 21, 2006

tell me

Today it is National Day in Belgium, not that i care much about it, but it's a day off!
I will continue to clean and clear my little office. As i told before on this blog i keep lots of stuff, especially paper things; letters, cards, books, leaflets, reports, photo's etc. You name it is there! With a lot of dust on top of it!

So i really could not handle it to throw away things. Now i found a solution, i ask myself: " What would the children keep to remember me? What would they definetly throw away?"
It works. Well.... sometimes i am heartbroken, but a girl has to do what she has to do. And it is good for my ego, to realise that some events in my life were actually not so important.

Over the years my sangat offered me often a saroopa (which made me happy, yes, but very shy as well). I keep them in a box in my office. They are dear to me (don't worry i do not want to throw them!).
But i am wondering, can one actually do something with it? Can you make curtains out of it, or cushions? Or patka's or dastaars?
Forgive me i do not want to be unrespectful in any way! But i was just wondering?
Like members of Raga Jathi's must have loads of them. Are they just kept in a box somewhere?
Can anybody tell me?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

isn't she lovely?

i love this little girl to pieces! She really is my little princess!
God does trust us so much that He let us take care of the children. It is a big, but beautiful task and responsibility. What a sweet task...

Can you imagine that almost every week a child is kidnapped, abused, even killed in my little country. Can you imagine?
I really can not imagine that anyone is doing any violence against a child. I hate violence anyhow, but towards an innocent child...
Why? Why?
Has Waheguru turned his face from his people for a while? He could not make this part of His plan? Could He?

dolly dots

These shoes are made for walking and that's just what they do....
But sometimes they get soooo tired! Oma's house and garden are so big...

This is a "feety" post, isn't it?
matter of restarting humble...

very petite

The feet of my granddaughter. So petites!
And did you see the striking resemblance with her grandmother's feet?
Little, chubby babyfeet, it must run in the family!


Look, someone is waving at the other end of the water. It must be England?
Could it be ss? Yes, it must be him!
Okay, i am coming...

Oops, can't swim... Darn!


yes, these are my feet. Petites (like my height, not my size unfortenately!)
Taking a stroll in the seawater is so refreshing.

One can not believe that this gentle water, can be so cruel at the same time.
So many lives taken by the sea again in Indonesia...

ek penda

So i was off color lately. Things were not easy, but i start to find my spirits back.
A sikh should stay in Chardi Kala, but,hey, sometimes i go down a bit.
Aren't we all sometimes?
So i start again on my path. Ek penda...

NB: this is NOT my footprint (if anybody should think so)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thaal vichi teeni vasute paiyo

On this platter you will find three things;
Truth, contentment and contemplation
Also the nectar of the names of the Lord
Which gives sustenance to life
He who imbibes and ingests it, will be saved
No one can afford to give it up
Preserve it in your hearts forever and ever,
In the darkness spread over the world,
You will be saved by clasping the feet of the Lord
says Nanak, for the whole expanse is the Lord's.

Guru Arjan Dev

Bal hova bandhan chhute

My strenght returns, i am unshackled,
All my efforts avail;
Says Nanak, it is all in Thy hands, Lord,
You alone can save.

Guru Tegh Bahadur


and my friends bring lot of strawberries.
so i made many glasses of lassi!

i love lassi, both sweet and salted...
it reminds me of all the welcoming women in punjab. my sweet sisters...

so sweet blogging friends enjoy (sorry it is only a picture)

food for my soul and finger

So, here i am again.
One week ago i had my little operation. Everything went well. My hand is not so swollen anymore, my finger is more or less (a bit less) straight again.
But i am not able to move it much. so a lot of excercise will be waiting.

So thanks Waheguru!
As soon as the wound is closed i will start the oil treatment as well. Thank you all for your insight in this matter.

A lot of my sikhfriends came to visit me, to check if i was doing well.
Most of them work out on the fields, so they bring me the fruit of their labour. Fruit, like these yummy cherries!!!
They are so sweet! That is the cherries, but my friends as well.
i am so blessed!