Monday, March 31, 2008

equal pay day

Women are still in sales!
They are paid 25% less than their male colleagues. Still now in 2008! Can you imagine?
So it means that every woman has to work 3 months more than her male colleague to get the same annual salary.
And that is why today, on the last day of the third month of the year, it is "equal pay day".

It is a bl.... shame!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So i knitted a little rabbit for my granddaughter. It was suppossed to be hidden on the terrace on easter day when she would be looking for easter eggs. But....
Little princess surprised me with a visit, while i was doing the finishing touch (her name on the pink suit) on the rabbit. So it became an instant present and no easter bunny was going to stop that. One can not fool this little girl!
" oh, oma, a wabbit!"
...i started one with a blue suit as well. And she ordered a green and a yellow one aswell...
It is a full time job being a oma...but with a lot of job satisfaction!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

circle of silence

"Silence is the difference between saying nothing and everything already being said."
(poet Herman de Coninck)

This evening we made a circle of silence to support all persons illegal in the country. Our goverment is thinking of getting more workers out of foreign countries (especially East Europe) since we have more eldery people instead of youngsters in Belgium. Our "grey" population is costing lots of money to the youngsters (health care, pensions etc) and so there need to be more "fresh" folks to earn all this money (through taxes, which are amongst the highest in the world)
So we, the organisations defending to the refugees, noted to the goverment that so many people are already in the country, trying to survive in way one or another.
Give them legal status before new people are brought into the country. Seems so logically, no? But not to the goverment.
So after we defended their cases on many levels left, right, high and low, we decided to go silent.
But be there. Visible.

Do i need to say that many of our sangat are still in a difficult and uncertain illegal situation. So they were very visible this evening. And outstanding being sikhs.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the red city

Marrakech is called the red city. Wonder why?
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Djemaa El-Fna

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And they have the best oranges in the world! Fresh orange juice was part of our breakfast. But during the day we took another glass when we visited the famous place Djemaa El-Fna.
This square is now a lively market, but in the old days it was the place were people were beheaded....
i prefer the oranges, no doubt.
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...pani andari lik jio tis da thao na thehu

[...] are lines, drawn on water, which leave neither trace nor mark.

(Asa di Var)
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i am so grateful that again i was in the possibility to travel a bit. This time i visited Morocco. It is a wonderful country.
Since i discovered sikhism i am fascinated by its influences. And for a long time i looked at hinduism, but recently i discovered islam more and more. It is especially sufism that is linked to sikhism. So in every moslim country i visit, i try to trace similarities in both religions.
It is an amasing discovery, not only in values, but in architecture, art, music etc...
We are all one...
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