Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today was the symposium about illness and death of a patient in different worldreligions. There was a large audience, almost 300 people. All kind of caretakers: doctors, nurses, social workers etc.
I had to give a speech on the sikh patient. I named the speech: " The evening of life". ( since the sikhs pray Kirtan Sohila: the eveningprayer)
I handled my first power point and it went rather smoothly. Not perfect, but more than ok. I got very interresting questions from the audience.
Thank God i got very good tips from other sikhs on Gurumustuk Singh's blog.
I "borrowed "as well some photographs from sikhnet and the soft simran that Gurumustuk put on his blog. I did my explanation with this soft music as a gentle background.
So i want to thank everybody who helped in preparing this speech!!!

welcome to this blog

With a little help of my son (a big help) i finally get this blog started.
Welcome to everyone who want to hear about the sikh community in Belgium and my own little life.
This is such a big thrill to take my first steps in cyberland.