Friday, December 12, 2008


Sorry i went quiet again for a while. But my husband was again in hospital in Leuven. So i was travelling up and down every day. And in the evening completely exhausted of doing nothing in the hospital.
Thank God, my husband is better again and back home.
We are so grateful that he is okay now.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Look what i made!
i was knitting this week (that is what grandmothers do, hahaha!) i knitted a skirt, a top,a bag with flower, a scarf, hat with flower and a coat for this little doll.
The dolly i bought in a Kringloopcentrum (recycling center) for 1 euro and the yarns were leftovers, less than 1 euro.
But i put in my expensive sparetime for a full week (at least 10 hours).
it made me so happy to be busy with my hands and meanwhile i could think, think....
like in meditation my thoughts came in my mind and left...again and again...again and again

So me happy, granddaughter happy....isn't life beautiful?

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