Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"your smile"

Tineke, my granddaughter, made my portrait. She gave me long slim legs (thank you sweetie), 2 arms, a head and a bunch of curls. You see, the spitting image of me (lol).
Then she made this mysterious line on my belly. Wasn't it too early to tell her the facts of life?
Lately she seemed to be very interrested that our dog Kaya lifts his leg and her aunties dog did not....
Lately she was being curious about the boys being a bit different... So okay i will do my best, though you are still very young.
- " And what is this, Tineke" i started my wise lecture-to-be.
-" But, oma, that is your smile" she said "you have a sweet smile, oma"
You can imagine...i smiled.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dehra maseet soi puja au namaaz oi

He is in the temple as He is in the mosque,
He is in the Hindu worship as He is in the Muslim prayer.
Gods and demons who guard the treasures
Of the God of the riches, the musicians celestial,
The Hindus and the Muslims- they are all one,
They have each the habits of different homes,
But all men have the same eyes, the same body,
The same form compounded of the same four elements-
Earth, air, fire and water.
Thus the Abhekh of the Hindu and the Allah of Muslims are one,
The Quaran and the Puran praise the same Lord,
They are all of one Form,
The one Lord made them all.
written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji
(picture taken in the Great Mosque at Sousse, Tunesia.

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i wonder

Sometimes i wonder what happened to the people who were blogging some time ago. What happened to sweet Satvinder or Sikhi Seeker and so many others .....
I hope they are allright, i hope life is gentle for them.
I hope they still live in a sikhi way...
I do remember them in my prayers...Waheguru bless my cyber sangat (even they don't blog anymore), Waheguru bless your full world.

Monday, February 25, 2008

love is all there is...

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


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you take a knife tip of harissa...
i said a knife tip, because if you use more, believe me, you are on fire!!!!!
i know, because on one greedy lunch i take more to flavour up my couscous and ...yes fire!

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When travelling i always wonder where the spices are coming from. There were so many traders and invaderes in all directions of the world, that i lost track where they originally came from.
Did they bring them from the Middle East to India?
Or did they brought the spices back to their home countries from India?
Anyhow the soukhs look very much like the indian bazaar, having almost the same kind of spices. But i must admit that i was a bit disappointed that the Tunesian cuisine was very mild flavoured....unless

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visiting the arab world

Sorry, i have not updated for a while. So i try to catch up.
We have been visiting Tunesia, watching the Arab world a bit. I enjoy being in different parts of the world, seeing how equal we are.
Going to a moslim country gives very odd reactions, like every person is about to blow himself up over there. People have such strange ideas about islam, which are mostly basesd on prejudices. So there is still a lot of work to be done in interfaith forums and meetings. It is important that we start to know each other; to know each other is the beginning of peace.
Because we are all brothers and sisters!

(On the picture the great mosque of Monastir)

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