Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"your smile"

Tineke, my granddaughter, made my portrait. She gave me long slim legs (thank you sweetie), 2 arms, a head and a bunch of curls. You see, the spitting image of me (lol).
Then she made this mysterious line on my belly. Wasn't it too early to tell her the facts of life?
Lately she seemed to be very interrested that our dog Kaya lifts his leg and her aunties dog did not....
Lately she was being curious about the boys being a bit different... So okay i will do my best, though you are still very young.
- " And what is this, Tineke" i started my wise lecture-to-be.
-" But, oma, that is your smile" she said "you have a sweet smile, oma"
You can imagine...i smiled.

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