Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dehra maseet soi puja au namaaz oi

He is in the temple as He is in the mosque,
He is in the Hindu worship as He is in the Muslim prayer.
Gods and demons who guard the treasures
Of the God of the riches, the musicians celestial,
The Hindus and the Muslims- they are all one,
They have each the habits of different homes,
But all men have the same eyes, the same body,
The same form compounded of the same four elements-
Earth, air, fire and water.
Thus the Abhekh of the Hindu and the Allah of Muslims are one,
The Quaran and the Puran praise the same Lord,
They are all of one Form,
The one Lord made them all.
written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji
(picture taken in the Great Mosque at Sousse, Tunesia.

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