Friday, March 31, 2006


Sorry i am so busy lately, so i did not send any post.
The reason?
Tomorrow 1th of April (it is no joke) i start a new job. It is only an interim job, but it is a start.
I never considered myself jobless, but really in between jobs.
When i got sick in 2000 and stayed sick for more than 3 years, of course i was out of job.
But i was so busy the last 2 years, doing a lot of "social work". That is what social workers are for, isn't it? But it was not paid and we don't have a moneytree in our garden, so..
I was looking for a job again, now that my health seems better.
The world of refugees is the field where i function best, so i was hoping to find a job in this field again.
But surprise, surprise, i will start in the library tomorrow. On the "new media" departement.
A lot of refugees frequent this department, because of the free internet.
So my secret agenda could be to teach them blogging???
What do you think?

And the really cool thing is, that both my sister and daughter are working in this library. My poor boss....But we love books, no doubt about that!

When i was young (oh,oh) i always imagined librarians as rather dull people. Old spinsters in dignified clothes, with very strong glasses and with their grey hair tied in a bun. But underneath this image... Fire!!!
Hahaha, and tomorrow i will join them!!! Fire!!!

Suddenly i realise that i am not allowed to wear any religious signs (being paid by the goverment). I am not wearing dastaar (yet?), but if i would i could not have taken this job.
How unfair! How shortsighted!
But i will wear my kara, i will not take it off!
Wonder if anybody finds out....


Blogger ss said...

Excellent. I spend so much times in libraries, would love to work in one

Good luck.

Sunday, April 02, 2006 1:12:00 AM  
Anonymous FT said...

Manpreet-Ji, I hope the job works out well. Something tells me you may meet some fascinating people and touch their lives.

Sunday, April 02, 2006 1:34:00 AM  

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