Sunday, March 12, 2006


I bring my sikhfriend to his work. He works as a jack-of-all-trades in fruit farming. I bring him to a far away field in the middle of nowhere, where he has to bind cheap fruittrees imported from Poland.
It is rainig, sometimes snowing. It is very cold.
-" Padji, where are you eating?"
-" Out here in the mud, in the rain."
-" There is no shed?"
-" No."

I leave him, i can see him in my rearview mirror, standing alone in the middle of the wet, bare orchards, which are called the gold of this area. Gold collected by the hardworking sikhs.
Full day i watch the weatherconditions, so i ring him at noon. But work is not finished yet, he says. Yes, he will eat now. I don't have to worry.
I think of his boss sitting comfortable in his warm and cosy villa.

When i fetch him late in the afternoon, he has a lot of headache, because of the cold wind.
While he is taking a shower, i do the dishes, make some tea.
-" Is he going to pay soon?
-" My boss has no money for the moment. I have to wait for my salary till the fruit is sold."
-" Is there anything we can do?"
-" There is nothing we can do, we have to wait."

I am so angry with all this injustice. I am even more sad, very sad.
There is still such a long way to go....slavery has many forms.


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