Tuesday, February 28, 2006

their shoes

Sat Shri Akal!

The problem with living in a small community is that all the gossip or slander or rumours finally come to your ears anyhow.
And last week it was bingo again.
The latest insinuation was that i was a spy of the Indian Embassy or at least of the police.
Reason for this thinking was that i introduced this photographer who made a few general pictures of the sangat and invited them voluntary to be portayed.
First i was shocked (how could they think this!) then i was very sad and upset (why did they think this?)

I felt very lonely and misunderstood. I am very aware of the power of the media (any media), so if i can introduce the sikhcommunity in any positive way; i do not hesitate. Too often they suffer a bad image; drinkers, fighters, cheaters etc. This is not the reality, so one can only take away prejudices by taking away the ignorance.

Come on in, see who we are! See how we pray! See how we live! We are not a secret sect, come on in!!!!

So i slept one night over it. And then i tried to walk in their shoes.
How does it feel when you have no legal stay? How does it feel when you do not feel safe? Not even in your own gurdwara?
I understood. Ignorance is woking both ways...
And if you live in very difficult curcumstaces, it is difficult to trust.

So i am sorry, if i made someone feel unsafe.
Please trust me...


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