Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sat Shri Akal!

The meditation in our gurdwara was really good. To me anyhow.
It was a rather small group (lately we reached about 60 people) of only 20 people, but it was so "close" being in a small group.
President of gurdwara commitee welcomed everyone. I was happy to have him back in our midst, after being in jail for 4 months, on the false accusation that the money collected for a new gurdwara came out of "human trade".
The meditation was in alfabetical order, so first Bahai, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs. The theme was :"The Word" . We choose a part of Guru Grant Sahib on p.944.
It felt wonderful.
Though we had a major problem, on this blessed evening the heating refused to work and it was really cold and wet. So from one side of my spine the cold was coming up, but from the other side i felt the warmth of being in deep meditation. The warmth won throughout the meditation, but afterwards i was broken. My old bones gave a loud protest, so today i gave myself a quiet day.
After the meditation i invited everyone to give each other our peacewishes. I said not only the big worldpeace, but little everyday peace as well. I said "especially in our sikhcommunity" than my voice broke down, because i can feel i am still upset by the splitup in our sangat.
Shanti for all the people in the world, shanti for all the sikhs in the world.
Afterwards the sevadars offered chai and pakora's and indian sweets. It was late and they had to get up early, so they were great still serving. Thank you!

It felt really good!


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