Sunday, December 11, 2005


Sat Shri Akal!

To my big surprise there were any comments on my blog. I promise i will answer them; i really feel sorry that i was so neglective.
At this very moment i feel rather sick, because of campylobacter i brought with me from my trip to Amritsar( This was not meant as a present, but a stupidity of me, because I brushed my teeth with tapwater).

My trip to Amritsar made me completely confused, i did not feel the serenity i felt the first time. I am not disappointed in sikhism, but very in sikhs.
It was Islam "Something" (aka Cat Stevens) who said: " Thank God I knew Islam before i knew the muslims!". It is the same with me, i am sooooo disappointed by the behaviour of the sikhs( some sikhs of course)
I am licking the wounds i got by stating all the things they are doing while our gurus gave such great advice to the people. So few people are turning to our Guru. Maya is everywhere and like blind people they are running behind it ( i do not want to offend blind people, because very often they see more clear, but you know what i mean)

Okay, i am not going to overreact, i will take my time being sick on reflecting being Sikh!!!!
I am back soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are very right about Punjabis and Sikh. Gossip is indeed their national sport.
I am grew up in rural Punjab and even I feel so negative about what is happening in Punjab now.
Nobody understand concept of equality and courage anymore. It is sad that Punjabis can't take advantage of what is being offered through Sikhism way of life. Last night over a dinner I was talking with my friend from Africa. He mentioned in one of muesuems in Washington DC they had displayed information on Sikhism. He was very impressed with the Sikh way of life. Too bad Punjabis themself can't see it.

Thursday, December 22, 2005 3:18:00 PM  

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