Wednesday, April 05, 2006


There is this very beautiful Dutch poem by Neeltje Maria Min:" Voor wie ik liefheb, wil ik heten" (By whom i am loved, i want to be named") People have got so many names. in this bloggingworld almost everybody operates under a "nom de plume".
Most of the time i am adressed to by my Christian name or at least a nickname based on my Christian name. That is fine, it is the name given by my loving parents and grandmother.
Very rare people call me by my sikh name, some do, people close to me, who know how important sikhism is for me.
And then of course you are addressed mother, sister, friend...and sweet private names.
But today in the library i was titled with some new names. And very extra ordinary!
It is holidays and a lot of youngsters are spending their time there.
Today one Nepalese or Bhutanese kid came up to me and said: "Miss sikhtemple?" He was so happy he recognised someone in his new strange world and he made me laugh with the new title he gave to me.
When i went to the other desk there were some African boys hanging around; suddenly one of them said: "Hey, madame sikh!" It was hilarious!
So i am a woman with many names and every name is an aspect of my life.
But all these names are overpowered by Manpreet, cause that is who i am.
Love from the bottom of my heart!


Blogger ss said...

lol - see little things like that are so precious.

I hope those who don't understand or experience such little thing do grow to understand their importance.

You'll always be Manpreet Kaur Ji to me though :-)

Friday, April 07, 2006 7:59:00 PM  

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