Sunday, August 20, 2006

avauh bhainey gal milauh ank saheladeeah

Come my sister
Let us embrace!
Come beloved friend
Let us speak of love!
Let us sit together
And talk of our Husband
Our perfect, powerful Lord.
Lord, Thou art the Truth,
Thou, the repository of goodness,
We the repositories of evil,
Thou art the Creator
And all is within Thy power.
By Thy One Name we abide
When Thou art there
Why need we think of anyone beside?
Go ask the happy spouse,
"What virtues earned you favour od the Lord?"
(she will tell thee)
"It's the gentle path of sahaj, calmness of manner
and sweetness of tongue."
If you hearken unto the guru's word
You will meet your Husband, the Lord of Love.

Manifold is Thy nature, Great is Thy bounty
Manifold Thy creatures who praise Thee day and night.
Manifold Thy shapes and colours
Manifold Thy races and castes.

On meeting the true guru
One gains knowledge of the truth
Then one merges into the Truthful One.
From the guru's teaching we learn the fear of the lord.
From comprehension of the truth we gain honour.

O Nanak! Truth is the king of kings
He taketh us and unitethus with Him.

written by Guru Nanaktranslated by Khushwant Singh


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