Monday, August 07, 2006

It felt like drifting on the ocean. i needed orientation and was not able to handle it on my own.
There is an old Indian saying that states: "When a student is ready, the teacher will appear".
And so it happened, i found my teacher and he accepted me as his student. It made me very happy.
So -as a start- in November i will enjoy his guidance for a full weekend. I will actually meet him then. Until now we only mailed and i heard him on the phone: i am very senstivive to "the color" of voices: i liked his voice right away.
He will guide me on a meditation training, my teacher is a catholic monk who meditates in zen tradition.
Guru Nanak said:" There is no Hindu, there is no Mussalman" and to my feeling and understanding he says as well, there is no Christian or Buddhist, not even Sikhs (as a religion).
I think he meant we are all sikhs (students, followers) on our way to the same God.
So my teacher is a zenmaster with Christian roots and i am a sikh with Christian roots, but i do not feel there is any contradiction in what we both believe. I am so grateful that he appeared on the right moment in my life.
My cyber sangat gave me (probably without their knowing) a lot of support. And for that i am very grateful too, but somehow it didn't seem enough. And now he will take me under his spiritual wings, isn't that amazing?
My friends asked me:"But isn't he going to convert you to Buddhism? Or pull you back into Catholicism?"
I am very sure that this will not be the matter, the universal path to God is shared with many traditions.
Waheguru! Waheguru!

Kon bheo mundia sanyasi

One man by shaving his head
Hopes to become a holy monk,
Another sets up as a yogi
Or some other kind of ascetic.
Some call themselves Hindus
Others call themselves Mussalmans...
And yet man is of one race all over the world,
Gos as Creator, and God as Good
God in His Bounty and God in His Mercy
Is all One God. Even in our errors
We must not separate God from God!
Worship the One God,
For all men the One Divine Teacher.
All men have the same Form.
All men have the same Soul.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji


Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

Teachers are extremely important - or why would be call our Saints "Gurus"!

I'm glad you feel ready for this - Waheguru has given you direction and is taking you into his care by offering you physical guidance through someone ahead of you on that path..I'm truly happy for you!

May Waheguru be with you and help you through your journey of discovery :)

SatNaam WaheGuru!

Saturday, August 26, 2006 7:34:00 AM  

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