Sunday, July 15, 2007


After a time of illness and discomfort, we thought we deserved a little holiday.
So of we went.
Of the 9500 islands in Greece, we choose the largest one, Crete. It is a wonderful island and i will give you more about it in the days to come (when i am lacking of other inspiration)
Crete and history, Crete and mythology, Crete and food, Crete and lifestyle... so many things to tell.
So we came home, completely relaxed, a little tan we had, good mood... but before we were sleeping in our own bed, we were on our way to emerency in the hospital, because my husband again got in trouble (bowel obstruction)
Thank God we were relaxed and we recognised the symptons this time... after a week my husband returned home, but the memorie of Crete had vanished quickly. So will go back in september probably. Hopefully the effect will take a little longer then.
Of course i missed someone very much, so i bought her this t-shirt. I like to think it was made especially for us, but Crete is full of longing grandmothers, so it is a very clever psychologist who start to produce these t-shirts. Anyway, she was very happy with it... my sweet princess!


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