Sunday, May 13, 2007

the bad, the good and the lucky one

The bad one.

My identitycard, my driving licence, my 2 bank cards, my keys (all of them), my medical card, my union card, a lipstick, some coins, some paper money, my cell phone, my camera, a booklet on sikhism, my train ticket were all in my Italian leather handbag.
I was waiting for the train in Antwerpen and when suddenly our train was rerailed, someone stole my bag. I placed my handbag on top of my reed basket, which i bought in the Oxfam shop (if half of the worldpopulation can live with a reed basket instead of a briefcase, i can too).
How can someone be so stupid to put his/her bag like that? Me, moi, because i always have this terrible shoulder pain (going to the hospital on this awful check up again tomorow)!
So there i was with nothing left but my basket and the papers of the meeting i was coming from. And a few "thank-you-candles" that i bought and would come handy one day in my life.
For the very first time in my life i could not prove my identity, could not make a phonecall, not even buy a cup of coffee or go to the toilet, nothing, nada.
i felt like i was illegal in my own country.

The good one.

After being sent to several desks, even an unmanned police office, i had to go to window 10 to make a statement about my lost object. After i made it clear i had no friends or family in this city to give me a few euro's, i could not phone to anyone, the gentleman behind the counter said:
"Okay then i buy a ticket for you. Here is my account number and my name, please put it back on my account"
i was speechless, this nice guy saved me without even asking my name or address, with no guarantee he was ever going to have this money back????? i met a real good human being!
So that's why i bought a "thank-you-candle". Never realised i was going to use it so soon.
The good man refused it, but when i left it, he put the candle under the counter.

The lucky one.

I left on the next train and even before i was home my bag was found.
Without the money, without one bank card, without my cell phone nor my camera. So mr. Veryniceguy phoned to my husband to tell the news.
Next day we collected the bag in Antwerpen, i had no words enough to thank him. When we opened the bag, even "the thank-you-candle" was back in.
So i am a very lucky person to have met such a caring person!!!!

And i am even luckier; i got someone's old cell phone and.... i get a new camera for Mother's Day!!! A new one of my own choice!!!

So hopefully the thief does something useful with my money, make a sweet phonecall to someone who loves him, make a beautiful picture of the moon...
But sorry i blocked my bank card.
You can't have it all mr. thief.



Anonymous Rochelle said...

That's quite a story, Manpreet-ji. Sometimes misfortune shows you how nice other people can be.

Last month my hubby got pickpocketed at Anandpur Sahib on Baisaki day. Just as we were walking inside to pay respects to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, too. He really beat himself up over it, saying he did a dumb thing keeping his wallet in his pocket, etc. Don't beat yourself up over your handbag theft. (-: And you get a new camera, too. Unfortunately, my hubby's wallet was never found (that we know of), so he had to re-apply for a ration card, and at some point will need to obtain a new election card, too. Poor guy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 5:28:00 AM  
Blogger upinder kaur said...

I am really astonished that such thieves are found all over the world.

I don't remember how many times I have been cheated like this ( definetly more than twice)but i remember once I left my handbag in Langar hall at Gurdwara Rakab ganj Sahib.It had all the keys(including my car keys), three credit cards, cell phone and important documents. I don't know how much cash was there.I remembered about my bag only after about 20 mins...
As i rushed toward Langar hall a young couple came and handed over the bag to me. I was surprised and very much pleased.They had seen me leaving the bag and were desperately looking for me.
So in this world we have all types of people.
Good souls leave a deep impression and one can never forget them

Monday, May 21, 2007 7:57:00 AM  

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