Monday, April 24, 2006


Some major towns (cities) in Flandres have their own homepoet. This poet has to write several poems on this town during his temporary appointment. Now what seems to be the problem?
Until now all this poets were male! While there are some fine ladiepoets! But they seem to be ignored. The " Vrouwen Overleg Komitee" ( Women Consultation Committee) is convinced of all this female talent and want to appoint a female poet on 11 November ( Women's day).
So there is a competion, one has to be female (which i am) and write 3 poems on the multicultural society and women (my theme).

So first i was tempted to enter. But one way or another it does not feel right. As a woman i do not belong to a minority (half of the world is not a minority!). And it feels like degrading one way or another. And this is not only the matter for women, but as well for migrants, or handicapped people, or people from other religions etc....
People are people and choosing someone to represent should be on honest matter and not a matter of gender, race, religion...

But still i am a little bit tempted, because a lot of my friends keep encouraging me to take this chance. And actually i do not like competions, it means one has to be better than the other... and that is not my standard.

It feels a lot safer writing on this blog (which has absolutely no literary ambition) and of course poluting dear solarider's blog. When he challenges to spin a story, it is just fun and it does not feel as a competion at all.

What a dilemma on a Monday morning!


Blogger ss said...

pollute away :-)

Time for a new spin a short story thread I think :-)

Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:49:00 AM  

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