Friday, November 21, 2008


Yesterday it was "The day of the senior". And so some of the seniors of my hometown came to visit our gurdwara.
For most of them it was almost impossible to sit on the floor, so i searched every chair available. i was so busy answering questions i forgot to take any pictures of this group. But i took a few of our faithful sevadars in the kitchen who made some great chai and pakorè.
Thank you guys!
There is still a lot of ignorance about sikhs and sikhism and it filled me with happiness that my fellow citizens took the effort to discover their new "neighbours".
Like one elderly lady said: " I am over 80 and before i die i wanted to see "the church of the sikhs". I am so happy now, they are such nice people, so friendly. We were worried for nothing."
Of course i could have told you that a long time ago!

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