Wednesday, June 25, 2008

can not believe it!

i can't believe it....
it makes me sad and very upset...
rolmodels should be perfect, that is why they are a rolmodel, isn't it?
but they seem to be human like anybody else, with human worries and human stories.

and yet, they are still my rolmodels, because they seem to deal with their problems without loosing touch with Waheguru.
Waheguru, bless them both!

Dhanasri Mahhia Panjva
Aukhi ghari na dekhan daiyee apna birdh samalay,
Hath daye rahhay apnay kau sas sas pritpalay,
Prabh siyu lag rahiyo mera cheet,
Aadant Prabhu sada sahayee dhan hamara meet (rahau)
Mun bilas bhayay sahib kay achraj dekh badaee,
Har simar simar anand kar Nanak, Prabh pooran paij rakhaee (p. 682)
The Lord does not allow his servants to face their difficult hours alone;
this is His prerogative.
With His protecting hand, He takes care of His own
servants at every moment of their lives.
Let your heart remain attached to the Lord.
From the beginning of life to its end, the Lord is ever our Helper. How great is the Lord.
(pause and reflect on this)
As if witnessing the marvelous greatness of the Lord, my heart is delighted.
The Lord will protect the honour of those, who meditate on Him. (p.682)

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