Monday, October 02, 2006


My yoga teacher is a wonderful person. Because she is a good yoga teacher, that's for sure. Because she is a good guide on this yoga path.
And she is a pleasure for the eye. She is young and radiant and most of all, oh my God, she is flexible. She is beautiful, like a Venus coming out the waves. But one that can bent in every direction instead of staring out of the water.

I have the beauty and suppleness of the Venus of Willendorf ( :-) no links, no images, thank you). So you can imagine how i cope on yogaclass. Half of the kryia's i am not able to do... yes same old story, rheuma, carpal tunnel, little recovering finger etc...
But i feel quite happy anyhow. I do what i can and when i am at the end of my rope, i enjoy watching my teacher.
Or i meditate..
I am good in meditating, it fills my heart to listen to gurbani and it sooths me like i am in the safest arms of the world.



Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

That is quite a tribute to your yoga teacher...only if she knew how much she is appreciates :):)

Friday, October 06, 2006 5:06:00 PM  

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