Wednesday, May 03, 2006

out there

My heart is broken. I am upset, sad and angry at the same time. But most of all i feel powerless. What is my problem? Well two young sikhboys are out there, sleeping in the park with no shelter at all.
I know them a while now, they lived in the asylumcenter and i met them first time, when the visited gurdwara with their class. Of course they noticed me before, being the only gora in the gurdwara. For me they were unnoticed at that time since their are many young lads in gurdwara.
They told me their story then; they came alone from Punjab to try their luck in Europe. Stranded in Belgium, completely on their own. At that time they had legal protection, being only sixteen.
But now, they will be eighteen soon, so one morning they will be taken to detentioncenter and then deported to India. I know the procedure, there will be no escape.
The boys choose to stay free and left the asylumcenter, but could not find any shelter. They are afraid to go to the gurdwara, because of all the policecontrols lately. And they didn't seem to have built a network, so there is no help.
They slept outside. That's how they looked, unfresh, with black rings under their eyes, smelly.
I start to ring in the community, but nobody was willing to take the risk of having problems with unknow illegal boys.
- " If they can travel so far on their own, they can manage now!"
- " Don't be fooled, they are just cheating on you!"
- " Blame the mothers of Begowal, who send their boys on such a young age!"
- " Do you think they are poor, if they have money to come here.."
These were answers of other sikhs. I am stunned. Is this sikhism? Is this seva?

And yes, you are right, were is my seva?
That's an old story. Before i dragged all kind of people to our home. It were not always good experiences. And the last time i said it was only for a couple of days. But it became weeks, months, years. I am not alone to decide in our family home and privacy is highly valued.

But it feels like a cheap excuse. Two boys are out there. They could have been my sons...

Waheguru, they need your help. Waheguru...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say where is our Sewa? I wish I had answer for this question.
Situation in Belgium is complete opposite of what I see in USA. Just today saw so many patients ( illegal immigrants) at the health department. Here we try to make every effort to provide free primary care to our illegal immigrants ( I am glad we have opportunity and resources to do this).

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 4:15:00 AM  

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