Tuesday, May 02, 2006

gurdwara control

The day after the first control in the new gurdwara in H., the mayor came back on his treat to close down the gurdwara. He had no legal grounds to do so, he said, there would be a settlement with the gurdwara committee. But at the same time he said there would be further control, if necessary every Sunday.
Everybody thought it was just bluff to save his face. But he was serious. This Sunday there was again a big control (not only townpolice, but federal as well) i am told about 100 policemen (sorry if this figure is wrong, i am told this by some of the witnesses).
They did not enter the gurdwara this time, but nobody could enter the gurdwara without being checked. So many people did not go (sikhmobiles were ringing all day!!!!) not only illegal people, but people in some kind of procedure as well.
Still 5 people were held and were ordered to leave the country at once. 10 Kirpans were taken, because of illegal possessing of arms.
So illegals people can not go to gurdwara, but amrithari sikhs can not go either!

So what is this? When did we hear that visitors of any church or mosque, mandir or stupa or whatever was checked by police? Why in gurdwara's???? The mayor said he didn't want to attrack illegal immigrants. But did any mayor ever go to other places of worship to check on their believers? Is this going to be a witch hunt??????
At the same time the Bishop of Antwerp is making a firm attack on the home minister, telling him he should do something for the regularisation of the illegals in Belgium. Good of him! Applause! The catholic Bishop did this before and was already tackled by the home minster. The minister's message was that religion should not interfere with statesmatters.
But now the Bishop answered that all his churches will be open for illegals (in some churches illegals start to do a hungerstrike!) So brave of the Bishop. But will all this churches be checked by police, although everybody knows illegals are inside?
Then why is the focus so much on gurdwara's? Our home minister is mayor as well of town T. only 20 kms away from my hometown ST. And H. (where the new gurdwara is) is in between T and ST. Are illegals coming too close for him? Is he going to face this problem in his personal life?
I do hope so! He has to look into the face of an illegal person and just see, that the other one is human just like him. Has needs just like hime. That this other one wants stability and safety in his life as well. Just like him. For God's sake give them a chance!

And speaking of witch hunt.
In my hometown all the indian(night) shops were checked. Again several people were arrested.
Sad thing is that there were goods out of date, cigarettes with no taxribbon, no licences to sell alcohol. Sikh shopkeepers should care about this (better sell no alcohol and cigarettes!!!).
But still i wonder if the belgian nightshop is checked that day?

We still have along way to go....


Blogger ss said...

Sorry I know this is not in anyway a constructive comment but things don't look too good there.

Not good at all.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 3:29:00 AM  
Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

This is outrageous! Americans are always talking about how 'open minded' and 'liberal' Europeans are, but even in Alabama, the court appologized to a Sikh for not allowing him into the courtroom due to a 'no hat' policy.
We have mistreatment of immigrants in America, but no where in this country would it be allowed to have police stand guard in front of a religious site waiting to arrest whoever they want. Neither in America is it allowed to profile businesses owned by certain ethnic groups to intimidate their customers.
This is sick. France isn't the only one violating human rights. It's endemic. Talking about diversity is one thing, but living with diversity (America, Canada, London, etc.) is totally different.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 10:15:00 PM  

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