Friday, December 14, 2007

pure ganesh

Last September i saw a concert of Snatam Kaur and in her band is GURU GANESHA SINGH playing guitar. And believe me he is a great guitar player!
So of course i bought his CD: "Pure Ganesh".
It is just great!
It is always on in my car (sorry for Snatam Kaur who was always on, before this one was always on) and so my granddaughter and i sing along in the morning on our way to school and in the afternoon again on our way back.
It is fantastic to hear this sweet voice in her childrenseat sing: "WAAAAAHEGURUUUUU".
Or: "Ek Ong Kaaaaaar, Sattenaaaaaaam...."
It makes my day every morning!
Thank you Guru Ganesha Singh!

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