Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Last monday again a group of young pupils, aged 15-16 years, came to visit our Gurdwara Sangat Sahib. i showed them the slide show: "Introduction on sikhism".

I couldn't finish the introduction because we got stuck in a pretty heavy discussion about the 5 K's.

The kakkar we discussed most was Kesh, keeping your hair unshorn. Accepting the way our Creator made us and realising that we are perfect the way we are.

Through fashion -which is just an industry and a real big one-children and young adults are made believe that they should look like young children, hairless, almost naked.

They don't accept that growing up means that hair is appearing on your body. i can understand (i remember well) how confusing this can be, but this greedy industry makes them believe they should fight, in every possible way, these signs of getting mature.

And if possible by using their products, of course!

Hair in armpits, on legs, facial hair, on chest or back or pubic hair it all disgust them and their cries were without any doubt showing how they resent even the smallest hair on these "places".

i try to imagine how difficult it is to survive your "group" if you decide to be different and accept who you are. So i am very grateful to the young sikh who showed his Kesh. He is a nice young man and his undisturbed brave flair made great inpression.



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