Sunday, April 29, 2007


most indian people don't like dogs...
which is a problem with all my sikh visitors. they don't realise my dog is the sweetest animal in the world. but yes he likes to lick your hands, it only means he likes you!!!!
during the years he becomes more and more a mirror to me:
he can not see very well lately (so do i, but i wear glasses to write and read and of course i don't have to catch a ball),
he can not hear very well (so do i, but of course i don't have to guard this house and bark when someone is at our door),
he is getting grey (so i am aka kabuttar),
he likes food (yes, so do i),
he likes to be with me all the time (and i like to be with him, but i am not waiting on the doormat, when he is out for a walk)
he is crazy about little princess (so i am of course, but nobody will doubt that)
so it is true that a dog and his "bossie" look like each other...
oh yes and i am faithful too... and sweet (if i may say so myself)... but i use the toilet instead of every tree in the park



Blogger manpreet kaur said...

...and me and my dog don't eat other people's lunches when we are out in the park. Not even when the owner of this lunch tries to hide his dogophobia... hahaha!
Still rotfl!

Sunday, April 29, 2007 9:39:00 AM  
Blogger S.K. said...

Your dog is gorgeous, I can completely understand this companionship. I've always had a dog around me through my life, as I moved to a different stage there was always a dog there.
When I was a very young child we had this beautiful Husky, he lived to be 16, a few years before he passed we brought home a Boston terrier pup, who was there during my terrible teens up to the time I got married. Every time I visit my parents, he seems to be more plump and lazy :) For a year now, I've had a Jack Russell with my husband, he is certainly our little 'baby', fiesty at times but in constant need of our undivided attention. He craves the moment we step into the door, and is extra friendly when he sees a Singh(!)
Just thought I'd share...

Monday, April 30, 2007 7:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Rochelle said...

Sat Nam, Manpreet!

Ah, I'm a big dog-lover. (-: Actually, I'm an animal lover.

I've also noticed that not as many Indians (Punjabi and otherwise) are as enthusiastic about pets as Westerners are. But I have met some that like, and even love, dogs.

When my husband and I were on our way to Anandpur Sahib on the 14th, we stopped at a dhaba for breakfast. While sitting there, one of the many starving Indian street dogs walked over to us, then sat to beg for food. She was plainly starving and a nursing mother, and it broke my heart to see her. She seemed friendly as she just sat and stared at us like my own dogs to when we eat at the table.

My husband saw her, then called over one of the waiters and said something. The waiter promptly chased the dog off, stomping his feet.

I was so upset by this that I threw my toast on my plate and blurted out, "Indians are cruel!"

My husband looked at me for a minute while I stared at my plate. On impulse, I got up and brought the plate to the momma dog, placed it on the ground and called her over. I went back to my seat and watched her eat the remaining toast.

Suraj, who actually likes dogs and had a pet dog once (though not as much as I like them, I think), explained that he had the dog chased off because he saw it had some skin disease (most likley mange, which I noticed many of the street dogs suffer from) and was concerned about us catching something from it. I do realize that rabies is a concern, but sometimes it's very hard to see so many starving animals and people here.

He did say that next time, if I'd like to feed a dog, just let him know, and we can order a chappati or egg or something. He added that his mother often will give the first chappati she makes to a street dog or cow. And I have seen some Indians feed street dogs, so I know that they are not all cruel, but in my anger I just blurted it out.

Your post just made me think of that story. (-:

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 11:33:00 AM  

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