Thursday, April 05, 2007

stuck in (the) blue(s)

"the one who seeks a perfect friend is often alone in the end"

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Blogger Gman said...


The hardest thing (that I find) to understand is that friends come and go. They too are actors upon the stage. They sometimes share our stage but at the end of the day their time there seems so fleeting for they are actors upon their own stage.

For the moments that we are allowed to share, it can be a time of bliss. For me it is dhukh that happens when they are gone, for I hunger (pukh) to see and share with them again. Not until I get rid of this do I attain sukh.

However I find that when I reconnect with an old friend, I see how they have changed and how I have as well. Gives me good insight into my personal journey. But sometimes I wish that our way/path had not parted.

In the greater story line of my life, I can see that sometimes I had to part company for I needed to grow even more. Sometimes friends cannot help us grow as much as we would like.

It is the beauty of life that we may share with others and the greatest beauty being what we always share with Vaheguru...

Sunday, April 08, 2007 1:55:00 AM  

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