Friday, March 16, 2007

Chet basant bhala bhavar suhavre

It is the month of Chet
It is spring. All is seemly-
the humming bumble-bee
and the woodland in flower-
but there is a sorrow in my soul.
The Lord, my Master is away.
If the Husband comes not home, how can a wife
find peace of mind?
Sorrows of separation waste away the body.
The koil calls in the mango grove,
its notes are full of joy.
Why then the sorrow in my soul?
The bumble-bee hovers about the blossoming bough,
oh mother of mine, it is like death to me,
for there is a sorrow in my soul.
Nanak says:" When the Lord her Master comes home to her,
blessed is then the month of Chet."
Guru Nanak Dev Ji


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